Relay Room

Mechanical sound installation with 128 relays of various styles and sizes, programmed with midi-control creating structured patterns of sound and light. This version was exhibited in an exhibition titled 'Klingende Dinge', curated by Gottfried Hattinger for Schloss Ottenstein, Austria, 1994.

Terminally Ill

Documentation of a mechanical installation from 1985, where timecode on a video controls mechanical actions depicting a sick patient in a hospital bed, includes hospital aroma, exhibited at Gallery 76, Toronto.

Them Fuckin' Robots

In this collaboration Laura Kikauka built a female robot and Norman White built a male robot. This video documents the first encounter between the two robots.

Peep Show

Electro-Mechanical sculptures made from obscure discarded East German technologies built into boxes with fish eye lens viewers. Also combined as 'performance'. Off site Gallery "Nachtbogen" Festival Berlin 1995, presented by Galerie 0 Zwei.

Eternal Nanosecond

Hologram installation by Laura Kikauka at Galerie O-Zwei Berlin 1994.


Interactive suspended audio sculptures by Laura Kikauka. Exhibited at Generator Gallery (curated by Ken Montgomery) , New York City 1991.